Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Children’s Rights

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where outside charities will no longer be needed

We are a local based charity, operating in Bono and Volta region of Ghana, empowering disadvantaged children to gain skills to maximize their full potential through IT, Education, Healthcare, Social Housing & Community Development. The aim is to build the confidence of the children, enhance their computer skills, giving them higher competency and a foundation for the job market. We care for orphans and disadvantaged children by giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential through educational sponsorship, raising funds towards medical and healthcare cost, social housing – building a new children’s home and community development.

We also provide entrepreneurship skills training to the rural women unemployed to empower them to become self-sustainable and live financial independent lives.

Our Approach

Our Team

There are 7 people who make up the Board of the organization, managing the organization and ensuring its objects are met. They work in the Bono and Volta region respectively. 

  • Dr. Eric Amankwaa: Co-Founder and Director – Management and operations
  • David Agyeman: Co-Founder – Administration and Project Supervision 
  • Richmond Smith – Project Director
  • Kirpal Darko – Software Developer
  • Gladys  Oppong– Accounts Officer
  • Emelia Asare – Project Officer
  • Hectoria Oppong – Administrative Officer

We have one paid staff. However, the rest of the team are working part-time and on pro bono. We also have 15 volunteers who come onboard to assist whenever we secure funding to implement projects. 


— Our Mission

To use research, advocacy and practice, and capacity building to improve children’s survival and economic empowerment of women. 


— Our Vision

To see every child and rural poor women survive, thrive, and succeed. 


— Our Story

Heritage Charity Foundation was co-founded by a social worker who was born to a poor parent, he became a school dropout at the age of 10 years after he lost both parents to a snake bite. Later, a member in their local church saw the potential in him and decided to support him. Currently, he is a graduate with MBA in Project Management, Bachelor in Integrated Management Studies and Diploma in Social Work. Hs dream is to give back to society hence the formation of the organization with the focus to help the rural poor children and women.