Build a World Where All children with or without disability and women Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Heritage Charity Foundation (HCF) is a local Non-Governmental Organization (N.G.O.) established to provide support to children living with and without disabilities and women in poor communities in Ghana. 

The short term goal is to support these children and women by returning their dignity to develop into respectful citizens of the society and living self-sustainable and financial independent lives. The long term goal is to educate the children in such a way that they can find suitable employment to build up their future lives.

Impact Stories

Florence, 22 years

I was supported by Heritage Charity Foundation at age 14, after completing my basic school education. My family didn’t have enough money to continue my training. One day a social worker from HCF approached me and asked why I wasn’t going to school. The HCF staff offered to support us by paying for my apprenticeship. Two years later I completed my training as a baker. HCF also supported with some money to buy accessories which then allowed me to work on my own. Today I’m working as a baker and living a self-sustainable and financial independent lives. 

Anita 32, Agripreneur

I got to know HCF and they gave me the opportunity to change my life. Initially, they provided me with entrepreneurship training using the innovative methods of organic farming. After the training, HCF have me start-up capital in form of farm equipment and imput which I used to venture into agribusiness and also cultivate enough organic vegetables for the demanding market. HCF provided me with markets and I was able to sell my produce. Currently, I am living financial independent lives and I’m able to support my children as a single parent.